Papers and Presentations

Preliminary List of Speakers

AF1T – Optical communications
K1JT – MSK144, FT8, and Beyond
K2EZ – Contest Automation 2020
K4QF – Impedance Matching 101
K5QE – Large Vertical Arrays for 6M Contesting
K8ZR – 78 GHz Fun in the AZ Sun
K8ZR & W2RMA – The Future of VHF/UHF/Microwave Contesting
KA2LIM – The Quagi Revisited
KC1HTT – Low Power, 144 MHz, EME Amateur Radio Station
KS4VA – 3D Printing Microwave Antennas
N3RG – Another Look at Station Automation
N6NB – Fifteen Rovers Large and Small
Norman Grody – Homebuilt 4,12 and 20 GHz Microwave Radiometers
NW2M – Feeding and Phasing LFA Antennas
PA0HRK – EME: A Beginners Journey
VE2UG – From Hills to Home on 10 GHz
W1GHZ – Visualizing Microwaves
W4ZST – EME misadventures of K4SQC and W4ZST
W9JJ – 2019 ARRL Contest Update
WA1MBA – Rain Scatter, SHF and EHF
WA3NUF – VHF Contesting In The Age Of Digital Disruption
WA3ZKR – A Refresher on Antenna Properties
WB4UIV – Grounding for Lightning Protection
WB4UIV – Gold Embrittlement
WA2AAU – EMI and Clear Frequencies for Microwaves
WA2AAU – Filter Tuning Workshop


List of Proceeding PapersĀ 

Optical Communications or Talking over a Beam of Light, Dale Clement, AF1T
Homebuilt 4,12 and 20GHz Microwave Radiometers, Norman Grody
Using WR90 and WR62 together for 10GHz, Dr. Gerald N. Johnson, K0CQ
Waveguide Calculations, Dr. Gerald N. Johnson, K0CQ
Homebrew Aluminum Angle Mini-Tower, Rick Rosen, K1DS
Trends in EME, Rick Rosen, K1DS
MSK144, FT8 and Beyond, Joe Taylor, K1JT
Contest Automation 2020, Andrea Slack, K2EZ
The Quagi Revisited, Ken Kent, KA2LIM
Impedance Matching 101, V2.0, Ben Lowe, K4QF
The EME misadventures of K4SQC and W4ZST, Johnny Kludt, K4SQC and Bob Lear, W4ZST
Large Vertical Arrays for 6M Contesting, Marshall Williams, K5QE
A Simple Method to convert the Ten-Tec 1208 6 meter Transverter, Mike Downing, KC0Y
A Low Power, 144 MHz, Earth-Moon-Earth Amateur Radio Station, Dr. William E. Keicher, KC1HTT
Simple New Analog RF Weak Signal Receivers, Rick Campbell, KK7B and Katlin Dahn, KJ7DMF, Portland State Univ.
2M Weak Signal Source, Rick Campbell, KK7B and Daniel Schaeffer, Portland State Univ.
Be successful with FM Contest Category, John Young, KM4KMU
3D Printing Microwave Antennas, Glenn Robb, KS4VA
Multiband Receive Converter, Steve Kostro, N2CEI
From SPARK TO FT8: Old vs New Technologies in amateur radio, Wayne Overbeck, N6NB
Fifteen Rovers Large and Small: Design Ideas for 10 or 11 band VHF+ rover package, Wayne Overbeck, N6NB

Feeding and Phasing LFA Antennas, Al Rabassa, NW2M
EME: A beginners Journey, Harke Smits, PA0HRK
From Hills to Home on 10GHz, Rene Barbeau, VE2UG
Using DC to DC Converters for plus and negative power supplies, Graham Stratford, VE3FHM
Visualizing Microwaves, Paul Wade W1GHZ
Modernizing a Microwave Modules 432 MHz Transverter, Paul Wade W1GHZ
Phase Noise Measurements of Some Synthesizers, Paul Wade W1GHZ
23cm EME- Patch Feed Construction and Mounting Techniques, Paul Andrews, W2HRO
Dish Extension-3m to 4m Parabola-Stress Hybrid Construction Techniques, Paul Andrews, W2HRO
An Idea for a FT-817 Stable Local Oscillator for the Rover, Bill Koch, W2RMA
Multi Band GPSDO, Mike Cresap, W3IP
Which JT mode should I choose, Roger Rehr, W3SZ
A Refresher on Antenna Properties, Jeff Kruth, W3ZKR
76 GHz transverter upgrade using the new DB6NT MKU 76 GHz transverter, Al Ward, W5LUA
Motorizing WR-10 and WR-15 Waveguide Switches, Al Ward, W5LUA
78 GHz Fun in the Arizona Sun, Tony Emanuele, W8ZR
The Future of VHF/UHF/Microwave Contesting, Tony Emanuele, W8ZR and Bill Koch W2RMA
2019 ARRL Contest Update, Bart Jahnke, W9JJ
Rain Scatter, SHF and EHF, Tom Williams, WA1MBA
VHF Contesting in the Age of Digital Disruption, Phil Miguelez, WA3NUF
Grounding for lightning protection, Glenn Little, WB4UIV