Technical Paper Official Rules

Best Technical Paper Award
Official Rules and Guidelines

All considered papers are to meet the publishing guidelines of the conference proceedings regarding topic, content, format, and deadline.

All considered papers will be original and exclusive to the VHF Super Conference proceedings. Papers are not to be re-publications of commercial, private, or club web site documents. The submitted paper may be re-published by the author after April 17, 2016.

The winning paper’s author need not be present at the conference, nor the paper presented at the conference.

Updates or extensions of previously published papers are welcomed and will be accepted as original material after the technical committee’s review.

The “Best Paper” award winner will be selected by members of the VHF Super Conference technical committee before the conference begins.

If the winning paper is co-authored, it will be the author’s responsibility of how the award should be divided or shared.

Papers submitted by the VHF Super conference committee members are not eligible for this award.

The Award winner will not be excluded from the “Best Presentation” award competition if the paper is presented.