VHF 101

At this years VHF Super Conference, the committee  decided to offer a VHF 101  program as a forum to be conducted all day Saturday during the conference. For this reason we have offered a special one day price for pre-registration  or  standard price for Walk-ins on Saturday morning. It can be found  here.  http://www.newsvhf.com/regpayp.html


The forums  will be geared towards beginners  in the VHF/UHF and Microwave aspect of the hobby but will help veterans of the bands if they have never operated Satellites, EME or desire to experiment with higher frequencies or the digital modes in the future. The forums are group participation an questions will be answered along the way by individuals in their various fields of expertise.


To start the forum Marshall Williams K5QE and  Kent O’Dell ,KA2KQM  will cover the Basic VHF setups and operation specifying  what is required to  get started and to have some fun on the bands. Its a great 1 hr long presentation that even if you have been on the bands before, you will find most interesting. So, if you have never been on the VHF bands before, this is the presentation at the conference not to miss!  It will then be followed by Rover extraordinaire’s  Rick Rosen, K1DS and Michael Davis,  KB1JEY with their introduction to VHF and above contesting. They will cover all of  the basics!  For chasing DX on the bands, we will hear from 5 and 10 GHz record holder Chuck Hoover,  K0VXM on how to work VHF/UHF and Microwave DX and how to increase you probability of sucess!  Now whats that? Transverters confuse you? Well let Michael, KB1JEY  give you the straight talk  and show you how simple it really is to use you favorite transceiver on any band!


After  your lunch break  which is included in the one day package, and you have had time to  soak all of previous presentation in,  we get back at it listening the Ed Krome, K9EK explain basic Satellite operation.  Then while still looking up, Paul Bock, K4MSG will show us how to make a simple EME station that performs!  Of coarse  all of this can not be done without the help of an antenna  and Dave Olean, K1WHS will explain antenna spacing and stacking  for best performance.


To start to tie it all together, Phill Theis, K3TUF will review the new rules regarding “Assistance” during contests. Its a great way for a beginner to the game to increase  the amount of fun!

Then Marshall, K5QE  will talk about making all of ones  equipment work together with a simple circuit called a sequencer. He will have plenty of do’s and don’ts!


For those of you that have the experience on bands  lower than 10 GHz, yes——

10 GHz, Microwave enthusiast Mike Seguin  will give you a brief rundown of what the true experimenters  of the Microwave bands  are doing. Its quite amazing and should not be missed! Then to  bring us back  to the work of the common man, Bob Striegl, K2DRH  will show us how and what it takes to develop a digital mode VHF station and how much fun it can be.


There is a Forum Schedule on the website in case you only want to catch one or two of the presentations  given at this forum and spend the rest of your time in the main Conference Room or visa versa! The technical presentation schedule can be found here at : http://vhfsuperconference.com/agenda/technical-presentations-schedule/  and the Forums and Workshop schedule may be found here: http://vhfsuperconference.com/agenda/forum-workshop-schedule/. What ever you choose, you can not Loose!


If you are a one day attendee and new to the hobby or the VHF and above aspect of the hobby, the VHF 101 forum  is where you should spend your time. So no need to sign up for it , just walk in when you want but you need to register for the conference to join in on the learning experience  and of coarse, the fun! Everyone involved with VHF 101 is looking forward to meeting you  and helping you  in anyway we can. So , check the schedules and  thanks for reading,


VHF 101 Moderator,  Steve Kostro, N2CEI.