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The conference was held April 26-28, 2019 at the Holiday Inn Washington-Dulles Intl Airport, at 45425 Holiday Drive in Sterling VA

For ordering conference proceeding CDs please visit the website

For more information see our Papers and Presentation page.

For more information visit the Schedule page.



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  • Still Planning

    Friday Swap and Sunday Flea Market Questions.

    1. What is the difference between “swap” and “flea market”?
    2. Indoors/outdoors?
    3. Tables provided? Can we bring our own?

    Any elaboration would be helpful in planning. Thanks! Looking forward to being there.

    • k1ra

      1. What is the difference between “swap” and “flea market”?
      Same thing, and tailgate is the same thing only outdoors

      2. Indoors/outdoors?
      Friday evening indoors, and Sunday morning in the parking lot,
      Check the schedule at the conference for exact times

      3. Tables provided?
      Inside, 1 table provided, limited space, first come, first serve
      Outside, no tables provided

      Can we bring our own?

  • Lauren Libby

    Looking forward to seeing everyone.

  • Bo Lowrey

    Is there an indoor vendor area during the conference? If so, is there a process to get a spot in that venue?

  • Donn Baker

    I can’t attend, local commitment w/another conference, but I would like (very much) to get a Proceedings (paper) and a CD. I can’t find anyway to do that on these pages. Can you help ?? Thanks !
    73 Donn

    • k1ra

      Please go to the Registration page.

      At the very bottom of the Registration click on the work “here

      Click on PayPal/credit card online registration.

      Scroll down to the bottom and the boxes for printed proceedings and cd’s are there.

      You do not have to have a PayPal account to pay. You can use your debit or credit card thru PayPal.

  • Tom K5VH

    Can’t go, but I’d like to order a proceedings copy… cannot make the registrations page work at all today.

  • Trying to plan

    If I understand correctly, Thursday is slated to be a day to tour Washington (if you sign up for the tours), while the technical conference activities will be Friday, Saturday and Sunday. What time is the first technical activity on Friday and what time is the last activity on Sunday? This will help with travel planning.

    • k1ra

      Thursday is slated to be a day to tour Washington (if you sign up for the tours).

      The Technical presentations are Friday & Saturday. The only activity we have scheduled for Sunday is the tailgate in the parking lot for 8am to noon.

      The exact times for technical activities have not been set yet, but the presentations are likely to be 8 or 9am to 5 or 6pm on both Friday and Saturday. There are no presentations on Sunday.

  • Bob K2DRH

    Are there any trips/events planned for Saturday daytime for XYL/Family???

  • N2OA

    What time will the activities wrap up on Sunday?

  • AF6RR

    I just tried booking a hotel room via the reservation link provided on the Hotel info page, and after entering the dates, and selecting “check availability”, the IHG website responds:

    “The Group Code you provided does not exist at this hotel. Check the code and try again. If it still does not work, please click here for assistance.”

    The group code (S50) is pre-populated, and listed on the hotel info page as “block code”.


    Can you lay out an agenda for the Conference? I’d like to attend on the weekend, head down from NJ on Amtrak and the Metro but I just don’t know what I’d miss by not being there the whole time? Plus, these things usually wrap up kind of early on the last day.

    Please give an outline of Opening time, Closing times on each day.

    73 KD2DRS

    • k1ra

      We don’t have a final agenda set at this time, but the opening time for Presentations on Friday and Saturday are expected to be 8-8:30am, and the closing time should be about 5pm.

      • k1ra

        Also, our VHF and above conferences are not like most professional technical conferences. We provide plenty of social time beginning on Thursday afternoon, two full days of Activities (Fri/Sat) including Ant and equip. testing, (Friday morning) 1- 1/2 days of presentations, Evening Flea markets, A banquette on Sat night and Flea market Sunday morning. So– No , we don’t cut it short and don’t run out of things to do.

  • Hello all…the online registration needs a bit of work. If you chose “Credit Card ONLINE REGISTRATION”, the web page still goes to PayPal. When you click on the ADD TO CART for the $99 conference payment, the web page goes to PayPal right away, but there is only the $99 charge. You must close out the PayPal page and go back to the registration page and then fill in the blank for the meal and hit ADD TO CART again. Then the web page goes back to PayPal and shows the correct totals. Finally, you have to avoid the PayPal check out and chose the small letters that say “Check Out”. At that point, you will get a PayPal page that allows you to put in your credit card information. I had to go through this thing several times before I finally found the right path to pay with a VISA.

    This is an information email, not a flame. Others are going to have the same problems that I had…some will just quit.

    See you in VA…73 Marshall K5QE

    • k1ra

      To pay for the VHF SuperConference registration, Banquet, Proceedings or Bus Trips:

      Choose your Registration, (or other item)
      Press “Add to cart”
      “Your shopping cart” will appear
      To add a meal or other item press “continue shopping”
      For each item you select, it will bring you back to your shopping cart
      Then press “continue shopping” to add each additional selection

      To finalize your purchase:
      If you want to pay with your PayPal account, press “PayPal Checkout”
      If you don’t have a PayPal account
      or don’t want to pay with a PayPal account,
      press the “Checkout”, to pay without a PayPal Account”
      that is located below “PayPal Checkout”
      Then you can pay with your Credit or Debit Card.

  • Glenn Little

    Are the bus tours included are are they of extra cost? If significant other goes and does not register, can they go on bus tour?

    • k1ra

      The Bus Tours are additional cost and will be available on Thursday and Friday. They will be listed on the PayPal Registration Page soon. An unregistered family member or friend can pay to go on either Thursday or Friday Bus Tour.

  • Bruce E Randall

    You need a way for non-hams to register. After that is addressed I will drop a most on SARA radio astronomy email list. Stuff related to antennas and receiving useful to that group. Also might get someone into ham radio. Bruce NT4RT also SARA secretary

    • k1ra

      Non-Hams, wives and friends can register for the Conference, Banquet, and/or Bus Tours. Just enter the first and last name in the box where “Call” goes. The box will accept a Call, a Call+Name, or a Name.

  • AF6RR

    Does the $99 rate include taxes and fees?

  • Bob Vaughan

    Does the $99 rate include taxes and fees?

  • A Family Guy

    Are family activities planned or is this a technical-only conference?

    • k1ra

      We have not yet finalized plans to have a bus tour in to Washington DC on both Thursday and Friday. There may some other spousal activities, but we have not decided at this time.

  • George J Molnar

    When will registration open?

  • Paul WA3GFZ

    Hello All, In the hotel link, it says. “Arrival Date: Wednesday, April 24, 2019 Departure Date: Monday, April 29, 2019”. Is it necessary to book for 5 nights to get the $99 discount? Paul

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